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Beverage Service, Not Just a Bartender

Beverage service tends to stop most couples in their tracks. You have decided on a menu and may even have a signature cocktail in mind. Maybe you want a dry wedding but don't want boring. Is cost of providing alcohol a concern? Once all of these questions are answered you then have to decide on amounts of beverages to supply and what you will serve them in, not to mention chilling and display. Who would have thought that quenching your guests thirst would have become this big of an ordeal?

Hiring a professional to help you with your beverage service will ease some of the pressure off of you as experience and talent will handle the details and concerns before they arise. There are traditional bar services that will bring in all of your beverages and service ware while some services offer only the server or servers while you supply all beverages. Pricing can vary depending on items purchased, amount of staff hired, and amount of pre and post event services offered. Insurance and licensing also changes with with the type of service you choose. Sometimes there are added fees or additional steps involved in securing a bar for your event.

Budget will surely have the largest impact on the type of service and type of beverages served. Hiring a full service bar that not only supplies the beverages, but also the staff and service ware will typically be the most expensive service and will need to be licensed to purchase and distribute alcohol beverages. Bringing in your own alcohol and hiring a server or servers is the most economical solution for your bar needs but will require a little more effort on your end as you will need to purchase your own beverages and in some cases, beverage ware.

Whatever service type you choose for your beverage service, a professional should be able to offer guidance in beverages offered and details you may have forgotten in the planning process. All services should offer the convenience of a well managed bar that serves your guests and allows you to enjoy yourself without concerns of how champagne will be poured in time for toasts or mixing up punch mid reception.

When hiring your professional ask plenty of questions and don't be afraid to ask for suggestions on any aspect of your planning. We can help with anything from ideas for economical ways to supply your beverages to which beverage ware tends to work the best. Ask about services that may be included that will make your planning easier or your reception more fun. Your bar professional can handle the details and put your mind at ease.


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