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Planning Your Corporate Event

Its never too early to begin planning you next corporate/ company event. There are endless possibilities for venues, food, entertainment, and reasons to celebrate. We have been a part of many corporate celebrations through the years and enjoy the creativity and diversity we see at each of these events. From black tie awards ceremonies to family carnivals, todays modern company has the opportunity to raise morale and show appreciation to their employees while keeping their unique company culture incorporated into the event. So when planning a unique event for your company here are a few things to consider.

1. Why are we celebrating? Did your company have an increase in productivity and sales? Do you have key members of your organization you want to recognize? Do you want to encourage your team to work well with one another? Or, is it the holidays and you just want to say thank you? there are many reasons to celebrate but keeping in mind the reason you are celebrating is the best way to begin your planning as you will want to choose your dates, venue and entertainment based on this simple question: What are we celebrating?

2. What is the general feeling you want your guests to walk away with? Sounds like a simple question but we have seen elegant events decorated with crepe paper and balloons and a company picnic with somber attendees with nothing to do but eat and leave. Sticking with general theme or feeling of an event and carrying it through the planning process will ensure a successful event.

3.Entertainment is key. We are not just saying that because we own an entertainment company! Entertainment choices can make or break your event. Bouncy houses and balloon animals may not fit your black tie event but they would go great at a company picnic or carnival, while Frank Sinatra crooning in the background may not fit with your family festive atmosphere. carefully choosing your entertainment to match your event will allow you to keep your guests engaged and having fun.

4. Don't be afraid to ask for help or suggestions. If you are planning your party on your own or if you have a committee, asking for outside suggestions is always a plus. As professionals , we see thousands of events. We know what tends to work and what doesn't. With a little information about your group and the event, we can help you plan an event that your co workers will be talking about for months.

Planning a corporate event can be a daunting task but with a little thought and careful planning, you can plan amazing events. Please look us up when planning your next event and we can share the ways we can make your event a success.

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