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Why Do I Need a DJ?

In today’s high tech world the thought of a traditional DJ may sound old, dated and frankly…pricey. I have an I-pod loaded with all of my favorite music and I am sure there are sound equipment rentals somewhere. It sounds like it makes total sense. With the average price of a DJ ranging from $450- $1200 for an evening of music, an I-Pod may sound more attractive but have you really thought of the implications?

The professional DJ has changed roles over the years and in today’s modern events the DJs responsibilities have increased far beyond setting up equipment and pressing play. It is now customary that the role of the professional DJ is also that of a reception coordinator, mediator, party motivator, line dance instructor, concierge and disc jockey.

When you hire a DJ you are not just getting music and fancy equipment. A good professional DJ will expect to coordinate the events of your celebration. If you are looking for introductions, speeches, specialty dances, timeless formalities, your DJ will expect to make those events flow seamlessly into the event. Today’s DJ will know how to coordinate with your other vendors to make sure that priceless pictures aren’t missed and that your guests are entertained until the caterer is ready to serve. A Professional DJ will be friendly and helpful to your guests and fellow vendors; making sure your event is a good experience for everyone. All of this is done while you enjoy yourself. When the time comes to dance the night away, a DJ will not only play great music, he can read a crowd to determine which music gets your crowd out on the dance floor to encourage them to play and have fun.

After planning the perfect event, is it really worth leaving the entertainment to just an I-pod? Is it worth it to have to work at your own event and leave to chance that the details will just come together? And, is an I-pod really that inexpensive after renting sound and lighting equipment, taking time to learn how to use it and purchasing more music that will please the variety of your guests?

Do you need a DJ for your event? The answer isn’t always the same for everyone, but if you have questions about what a DJ can do for your event, please give us a call.

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