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Making your Photo Booth Work for your Event

Photo Booths of the past were soda shop and dime stores staples, an inexpensive way to spend a few fun moments for a nickel or a dime. The photo strip was the prize that came at the end of each session; a glorious black and white strip of instant memories. I’m sure if you search the scrapbooks of older generations you are sure to find one of these amazing pieces of memorabilia. The strips of the past show not only great memories but they also show a brief glimpse into great relationships in the making. Who do you grab for a quick photo booth session? Family? Spouse? Friend? The beauty of the photo booth is the opportunity to share a fun yet personal moment with the people we care about. The pictures that result are the testimony to the ties that bind.

Today the photo booth has become an event staple. From weddings, reunions, company events, school dances and even corporate promotions, photo booths have found a way to bring even more fun and meaning to our lives. Photo booths now have the potential to not only create and preserve memories but they can benefit your event in ways you may not have thought about. Here is a list of ways that a photo booth can work for you at your next event.

  1. Entertainment Value: This is the obvious use for a photo booth at any event. You want your guests to have fun and a photo booth has a great potential to entertain a wide variety of people of various ages. What most people don’t realize is that the timing of when the booth is operating is essential. You want to entertain your guests when they would typically be waiting around or possibly feeling uneasy in a new environment or with new people. Your photo booth will get your guests involved and having fun when they might be feeling awkward. Your guests will thank you for having something to do while waiting for meals or a main attraction and they will have fun sharing photos and starting conversations with others.

  2. Preserving Memories: This is a two way street, especially at weddings. Most of us who have attended a wedding with a photo booth have also had the opportunity to place a photo strip in scrapbook for the happy couple. It does make a great guest book as the recipients will not only have a record of who shared their day but will also have photos of those people and what they looked like. This is something that will carry more meaning as the years pass on. But, lets look at it from the other side. The guests who receive their strip at an event will take home their special memory as well. I have heard guests excited to take pictures with old friends, relatives and even spouses dressed up in heir Sunday best because the opportunity is not always there. You may even find that normally camera shy people will take a picture with props in the photo booth. No matter which view you consider, a photo booth will provide meaningful memories for all who attend.

  3. Create Branding: We all know that branding is imperative in the business world. It is also important in the theming of events. We have created branding and motivation on our photo booth strips for weddings, schools, hospitals and large corporations. Using special messages, colors, logos and themes on your photo booth strip will not only get a message across but it will create a mood or feeling to go along with your event. For weddings, most people want special colors or a special theme added to their strip along with names and date, but I have also incorporated a special thank you message and even incorporated the bride and grooms new contact information on the strip. For corporations we have added not only logos but motivational quotes for employees as well as friendly reminders to patients of clinics. Custom photo booth strips are perfect for branding so you can use yours to get your message out there.

  4. Party Favors: We all love a good party favor; am I right? Its fun to take home something from an event. So, how many of us actually keep those favors? Bubbles, paper weights and candles loose their luster. The candy and cookie favors are the exception of course, although those don’t really make it home either as they are usually devoured on the ride home. A photo Booth strip makes the perfect favor that people actually want to take home. They will hang it on the fridge, pin it to a cork board or even proudly display at work. This favor is very economical if you were already planning on a booth.

A Photo Booth can be a fun and valuable addition to any event. The booth takes no effort on your part and can entertain your guests so you can relax and enjoy yourself. I have pointed out some ways the photo booth can work for your event. How can you make a booth work for your next event?

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