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Are All-Inclusive Packages Right For You?

All-inclusive wedding packages deals can either sound like a great idea or a scary endeavor. Package deals are becoming more popular every year and can sound intriguing, but is a package deal right for you? I will explore the pros and cons of an all-inclusive wedding package deal and hopefully add some insight into these offers so you can make the best decision for your big day.

The Pros of All-Inclusive Wedding Packages An all inclusive is just that, all inclusive. Everything is done with minimal effort on your part. Your weekends and evenings of shopping for each individual vendor has already been handled. You can spend that precious time with other tasks such as wedding invitations, dress shopping or pre-wedding fun. One contact person and one contract means less juggling of paperwork, contacts, meetings and endless running around town. You will still get to have input on details such as the menu, cake, decorations, etc… but the leg work is completed by your package coordinator.

With an all-inclusive package you will work with tried and true professionals that are accustomed to working with one another and with the venue. Venues are going to subcontract vendors that have a history of quality and successful services which means a smooth flowing event for you. Your vendors have also worked with one another before and know each others routines. They can work together, supporting one another in what each does best.

Planning your wedding with an all inclusive package may be ideal for you if you are planning a wedding from a long distance or if you just don’t have the time or patience to handle all of the details. You can benefit from a professional handling the details for you.

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The Cons of All-Inclusive Wedding Packages

When you choose an all inclusive package you are entrusting your vendor selection to someone else. You will have vendors that you haven’t met and may know nothing about. The small details like menu and song selections will still be yours to plan but the big decisions such as who your caterer, photographer and DJ will be have already been decided. And, If you enjoy shopping, you may feel like some of your busy work is gone.

Having only one contract sounds great but with an all inclusive you must be vigilant of the details of your contract. While all inclusive packages generally include many services, they may not include everything you need or want. Know your contract and exactly what is included and the specifics of those items. You may have wanted additional help, time or services that are not included that you will need to add. You will want to know early in your planning what is included and what you are able to add on to your contract and what you need to search for on your own.

If there is a specific vendor you had your heart set on and that vendor is not part of the package, you may or may not be able to negotiate that vendor in the package. Additionally, a price reduction for excluding an unwanted service may not be available resulting in an unwanted service with a higher price tag.

If you are considering an all-inclusive package it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons to determine whether or not a package deal is right for you. Package deals can vary just as a couple can vary. Its your journey, choose what makes sense and makes you enjoy that journey the most.

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