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A Winter Fairy Tale Wedding

I have always enjoyed the winter months. I marvel at the beauty of the snow. I love the way it falls magically from the sky. I love the way it sparkles and glistens in the moonlight. I love the way it beckons me outside to play and I love the way it makes me retreat into my warm home in the company of family and friends.

I always dreamed of a winter wedding for myself. I ended up with a beautiful fall wedding but I find myself living vicariously through the winter weddings we perform at. This January, we had the privilege of performing at a wedding that was none less than a winter fairytale. The bride incorporated the magic of winter into every detail of her wedding. The bride came to us with a vision for her ceremony and reception. It incorporated not only her exquisite selections of music to accompany her ceremony, it also included a specific lighting plan to set the mood for her event.

Her ceremony was beautifully lit with our up-lights highlighting dormant winter trees in the aisle. Her backdrop was a wall of beautiful points of light against white and tulle.

The Purple and blue color choices added depth and coolness to amplify the mood and tone of the winter theme while the backdrop added a level of warmth around the couple.

The reception was no less spectacular. The up lights were moved quickly and set in place for the reception festivities. Mingling guests were not aware of our efforts behind the scenes to keep the lighting and ambiance seamless from the ceremony to reception. Our DJ kicked it up a notch with lively cocktail and dinner music to keep everyone alert and warm in this cool and frosty setting. This was a truly magical evening for everyone who attended. We wish the bride and groom many warm embraces in the winters of their future.

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