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Attention Bargain Hunters

Find Wedding Bargains

Its that time of year again! Bargains galore are around every corner; sales on every internet site. We gather our coupons, discount codes and check out the Sunday circulars looking for those treasures on the cheap. When we shop for those wedding services and goods we should know that there are plenty of deals to be had.

So, why am I telling you about saving money on your wedding when I am in the wedding business myself? The wedding industry supplies goods and services just like any business. We have a bottom line and we need to pay employees, taxes and produce a profit just as any business needs to do. We have the same rules of supply and demand as those grocery, big box stores as well as the corner boutiques. We have times of over supply as well as times of shortage. Understanding the basic rules of economics and supply and demand can guide you into a beautiful wedding without breaking the bank. Here are some ways to score big on your wedding bargain hunt.

Plan your date carefully. The laws of supply and demand are the most evident here. The wedding industry is bombarded with June brides, to be exact, Saturday evening June brides. Wedding vendors are more willing to give discounts for days and times that are not as popular. If you are looking for a bargain your best bet is to stay away from high season dates, days and times. Late May through early October and December seem to be the most popular months in Colorado Springs to get married. Saturdays are the busiest day for events year round and evenings are also popular. So what if you have your heart set on a June wedding? Try a Friday, Sunday or daytime wedding to save some money. If you are looking for an extreme bargain, try an early November, February (excluding Valentine’s Day), March or April date. You are likely to find bargains on most services during these times.

Book in Advance. As soon as you are certain of your date and times, don’t be shy, start booking your services. Early booking means you not only have a better selection of goods and services but you may also get a better price. As a date begins to fill up or if there is a lot of interest for a particular date, prices will rise to meet the demand. Getting your service reserved early will protect you from inflating prices, plus if you have a vendor willing to work with payment plans, you can pay off those wedding bills slowly before the big day arrives. Last minute deals do exist. Just as airlines desperately try to fill those last seats, wedding vendors occasionally don’t book certain dates. If you are a gambler, this method could work for you. Just be careful to not gamble on the services that are most important to you.

Compare Services and Vendors carefully. Its easy to get caught up in price comparison without carefully mulling over what is offered for the price. Its easy to call a list of vendors for general pricing but don’t leave out the details and find exactly what is included for the price. Do you receive the same amount of time? Are the products or features different from vendor to vendor. A higher price may not always mean more service, but it could…. A lower price may not necessarily mean you don’t get the bells and whistles, but it could…. Listen carefully to what is included in your offer.

Book Multiple Services. Many companies offer multiple services today and many of them will work on price if you use them for more than one service. The more you buy, the more you save is a common mantra in todays economic circles. Get creative, ask your venue if they will offer a discount on the rehearsal dinner if you host it on site. Does your caterer also make cakes? Why not bundle? We offer Disc Jockey along with Photo Booth and up lighting. Bundling on our end saves us time and money; savings we are happy to pass along to you.

Coupons, Group Discounts, Professional and Cash Discounts. These are the obvious discounts available if you are willing to search and ask. Military Discounts are common especially in the Colorado Springs area. Trade publications often contain printed coupons. You will find these at trade shows, fairs and special event vendors. Depending on the service you are booking a vendor may offer discounts for payment in full up front or a “cash discount” rather than having to process you through their billing department. If you don’t see a coupon or discount, ask before booking if any of these types of discounts are currently available. One note of caution, most vendors will not let you stack discounts so be sure you are taking advantage of a discount that makes the most sense for you and your event.

Just Ask! I am always surprised how many times this money saving tip is overlooked. I don’t usually go to the grocery store and try to talk my grocer into lowering the price of grapes. My guess is that somebody has done this before. That somebody may have even walked out of that store with a nice bunch of grapes at a bargain. My point is, I will never know because I never asked. I do know that there has been a time or two when I liked a product or service that was out of my budget that I knew I had to have. With some honesty about my budget and desire to purchase from a particular business, I have found that many people are willing to work with you. I have saved a small amount of money from time to time and have had an establishment willing to adjust options to make their services fit within my budget. I have found that honesty and just being nice creates a great atmosphere for negotiating. This is not always an option for all businesses and don’t be offended or embarrassed if your offer to negotiate is declined but you never know until you ask.

I have covered some general ideas to save money on your event. There are countless ways to save even more. The important thing to remember is that your day can be beautiful on any budget as long as it reflects you and the love you share.

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