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Wedding Vendor Contracts

So, the date is set and the planning is in full swing. Dreams for that perfect day flood your every waking moment. The perfect dress, the perfect venue and even that tiny detail you found on Pinterest all seem to becoming a reality! So how do you know that all of those plans will come to fruition on the big day? Do feelings of doubt ever creep into your daydreams as little nightmares? You can put your mind at ease if you do all of the necessary paperwork during the planning process.

The last thing you probably want to think about while planning your big day is legal contracts and their implications, but a little planning now can save misunderstandings or heartache later. We receive many calls each year from customers who had their vendor bail on them at the last minute, many times after receiving a cash deposit. It is troublesome to hear that professionals would do this to their customers but many times we hear that the agreement was never secured with a contract.

The contract between a vendor and client is meant to protect your investment and ensure that the services you agree upon will be carried out. Be sure to read your contract and ask questions when you do not understand something. Make sure the wedding date, venue and details of the services are included in the contract; for example, length of time the service is provided, start and end times. The terms of the payment should also be clearly outlined to include and deposits that are required, due dates of balances and fees related to late payments. Having these details can give you clarity and assurance that you and your vendor understand what is expected from one another.

Changes happen. What do you do if you need to make changes to your previously signed contract? Discuss the changes you need with your vendor. Most vendors are happy to work with you to accommodate changes if possible and will either draw up a new contract or exchange written confirmation on the changes to the original contract.

Cancellations and termination of contracts are never fun for the vendor or the client but they do happen. Make sure you understand the cancellation policy on your contract. It’s unlikely you’ll get your deposit back but you may not have to pay the entire bill if you have an agreement. Be sure to communicate with your vendor and understand the cancellation procedures outlined in your contract.

Things happen and perfect days can have mishaps. Make sure you have peace of mind as your big day approaches and secure your services with contracts from your vendors.

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